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    News Juicer is a thinking training for high school students and business professionals.

    When does thinking matter to you!?!

    In today's world of fake news and alternative facts, it is increasingly difficult to identify trustworthy knowledge sources and information to make sound decisions and take deliberate actions. This research-based training program will help you separate fact from fiction. It will empower you to build your future on solid stepping stones grounded in the truth. Unlock your thinking with our training program and step into a realistic world of golden opportunity. Knowledge is true power - find it and you will succeed!

    Two training levels

    The News Juicer program has two performance levels:


    - Basic training for high school students: The basic level is an introduction into understanding the nature of facts, opinions, and arguments. You'll learn how to identify these components and differentiate among them in everyday knowledge sources. The basic training will take 10 hours to complete, including certification.


    - Advanced training for business professionals: The advanced level builds on the competencies mastered in the basic training. Now you learn how to identify fact from fiction in specific knowledge fields and professional industries. You will understand the fundamental thinking behind what makes a random piece of information an actual fact in a specific knowledge domain. You will learn to evaluate and integrate information from professional knowledge sources to empower you in sound decision making and deliberate action taking throughout your career pathway. The professional training will take 30 hours to complete, including certification.

    Engaging learning format

    The online program can be completed anytime and anywhere. Instructional videos model step-by-step how to become most proficient in using this broad portfolio of thinking tools. Different scenario-based exercises allow you to hone these competencies to perfection.

    Educational testing and certification

    At the end of the training, you will complete an online exam that tests your mastery of the basic and/or advanced competencies. The assessment activities are similar to the hands-on exercises throughout the training programs. You will receive a certificate of mastery.

    Business management and training consultancy

    Our team of experts advises business managements on how to creating productive thinking cultures to increase return on investment faster and at a lower cost. The use of our training programs allows companies to increase the economic value of their workforce and to decrease turn overrates. We also consult on training and educational testing materials for HR departments.

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    Receive your certificate of mastery. It's a resume builder.

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    Online Training for High School Students

    Online Training for High School Students

    Online Training for High School Students.
    10 hours, including certification exam.
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    Advanced Online Training for Business Professionals.

    Advanced Online Training for Business Professionals.

    Advanced training for business professionals.
    30 hours, including certification exam.
    Purchase per seat.
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